Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 17, 2018

Readings for this week:

17 June           I Chronicles 28-29/Psalm 70-71                

18 June           2 Chronicles 1-2 /Galatians 4                   

19 June           2 Chronicles 3-5/Galatians 5                    

20 June           2 Chronicles 6-7/Galatians 6                    

21 June           2 Chronicles 8-9/Psalm 72 

22 June           2 Chronicles 10-12/Ephesians 1   

23 June           2 Chronicles 13-15/Ephesians 2   


Things to look for as you read this week:

  • What are some of the characteristics that Paul lists as examples of the fruit of the Spirit in a person's life?
  • Paul says that Jesus' death makes peace possible between what two major groups of people?


Last week's answers:

  • Usually Paul starts his letters by calling himself a servant, emphasizing his humility. What does he call himself in Galatians, and what does this emphasize? (An apostle, which emphasizes his authority—Galatians 1:1)
  • What reason does God give for having Solomon, not David, build a temple for God? (David has been involved in much warfare, but Solomon's reign will be characterized by peace.—I Chronicles 22:8-9; 28:3)
  • At Antioch, Paul confronts an important apostle who is avoiding eating with Gentile Christians because a group of Jewish Christians opposes the practice. Who is the apostle? (Peter—Galatians 2:11-13)













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