Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Updates to Subscriptions & Website for Year of the Bible

Hey Bible-Readers:

It's your codemonkey with a quick update on the status of both the site and the mailing of blog posts.

If you sign up for emails of posts, then every day at 4pm, IF THERE IS A NEW BLOG POST at www.lakehillspres.org/bible the day's post will be emailed to you. (You can also read the posts at the site 24/7.)

I listened to the day's readings while in the car, both yesterday and today. I used my phone. Worked fine. The NIV reader-guy seems to emphasize, "Then he DIED!" when telling the ages of the patriarchs in Genesis. I guess if you live 600 years, the event of your death should be emphasized.

~ James

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  1. I also find it curious and sad that among all the narrators, not a single one is female.