Monday, December 10, 2018

December 9, 2018

Readings for this week:

09 December             Amos 3-4/Psalms 140-141              

10 December             Amos 5-6/Revelation 7                  

11 December             Amos 7-8/Revelation 8                  

12 December             Amos 9 /Revelation 9                     

13 December             Obadiah 1/Psalms 142-143           

14 December             Jonah 1-2/Revelation 10    

15 December             Jonah 3-4/Revelation 11    

Things to look for as you read this week:

  • In Amos, God says that He wants nothing to do with Israel's festivals, assemblies, offerings, and worship because the people are lacking two highly important things. What are they?
  • What does John see when the Lamb opens the seventh seal?

Last week's answers:

  • Which psalm affirms that the Lord knows all about us, wherever we are?

(Psalm 139)

  • When John weeps because no one is worthy to open the scroll sealed with seven seals, what is he told? (He is told not to weep, because Jesus Christ can open the scroll.—Revelation 5:5)

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