Friday, May 18, 2018

Royalty Alert!!!

With the world on "royalty alert" as we anticipate the wedding of Prince Harry and his bride, it seems fitting that we are beginning our study of Biblical royalty in the book of Kings.

The death of King David is recorded in the first chapters of I Kings, followed in the next several chapters by the record of Solomon's reign. Then comes the division of the kingdom, and it starts to get really confusing! There are kings in the northern kingdom (Israel) and kings in the southern kingdom (Judah), some of them good, but many of them bad. Then, of course, there are the prophets who speak God's words to the kings and the kingdoms. Add it all together, and it's a messy mix!

But wait! Help is available! On the resource table you will find a half-page chart (yellow) that will help you keep it all straight. It is a chronological table of the kings of the divided kingdom, including the dates of their reign, how long they were in power, whether they were good or bad, and the prophets who brought God's word to them. The chart will fit inside your Bible for easy reference as you read.

Hope you find it helpful as you read the account of man's attempt to rule himself.

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