Monday, May 7, 2018

May 6, 2018

Readings for this week:

06 May            2 Samuel 1-2/Psalm 50                  

07 May            2 Samuel 3-5/I Corinthians 3                    

08 May            2 Samuel 6-7/I Corinthians 4                    

09 May            2 Samuel 8-10/I Corinthians 5                  

10 May            2 Samuel 11-12/Psalm 51  

11 May            2 Samuel 13-14/I Corinthians 6    

12 May            2 Samuel 15-16/I Corinthians 7    


Things to look for as you read this week:

  • How does David respond when he learns that his mortal enemy, Saul, is dead?
  • What prophet is sent by God to confront David about his sin with Bathsheba?
  • Which psalm records David's prayer of confession because of the affair with Bathsheba?
  • What does Paul think of lawsuits brought by Christians against other Christians?


Last week's answers:

  • Why does Saul become angry with David? (The people praise David more than they do Saul.—I Samuel 18:8)
  • Late in his life, a desperate Saul visits a medium at Endor to try to speak with someone who has died. Who? (Samuel—I Samuel 28)
  • Paul often has colleagues working with him in his ministry. Who seems to be working with him when he writes I Corinthians? (Sosthenes—I Corinthians 1:1) 






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