Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 4, 2018

Readings for this week:

04 Mar.           Numbers 12-14/Psalms 28-29                   

05 Mar.           Numbers 15-16/Acts 18                  

06 Mar.           Numbers 17-19/Acts 19                  

07 Mar.           Numbers 20-21/Acts 20                  

08 Mar.           Numbers 22-23/Psalm 30   

09 Mar.           Numbers 24-25/Acts 21      

10 Mar.           Numbers 26-27/Acts 22      


Things to look for as you read this week:

  • Why is Miriam struck with leprosy?
  • When a plague of serpents strikes the people as retribution for their sin, what does Moses do to bring them relief?
  • In Israel, could a father's inheritance ever pass to his daughters?


Last week's answers:

  • Which tribe of Israel is given responsibility for the Tabernacle and its furnishings? (The tribe of Levi—Numbers 1:47-54)
  • How does Israel determine when to move to a new location in the wilderness? (When the cloud no longer remains over the tabernacle—Numbers 9:15-23)





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