Monday, January 22, 2018

January 21, 2018


21 Jan.        Genesis 43-44/ Psalm 10

22 Jan.        Genesis 45-46/ Matthew 16

23 Jan.        Genesis 47-48/ Matthew 17

24 Jan.        Genesis 49-50/ Matthew 18

25 Jan.        Exodus 1-2/ Psalms 11-12

26 Jan.        Exodus 3-4/ Matthew 19

27 Jan.        Exodus 5-6/ Matthew 20

Things to look for as you read this week:

  • What does God tell Moses to say to the children of Israel when they ask the name of the God who sent him?
  • Jesus asks His disciples, "Who do you say I am?" Who answers, and what does he say?

Last week's answers:

  • While Jesus considers natural descent and family important, what is still more important?  (Doing God's will--Matt. 12:46-50)
  • Shortly after being sold as a slave in Egypt, Joseph's position worsens. Why? (He is falsely accused of immorality and ends up in prison.--Gen. 39:20)

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