Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bible Reading Q/A from Jan 14

15-Jan Genesis 30-31, Matthew 11
16-Jan Genesis 32-33, Matthew 12
17-Jan Genesis 34-36, Matthew 13
18-Jan Genesis 37-38, Psalm 9
19-Jan Genesis 39-40, Matthew 14
20-Jan Genesis 41-42, Matthew 15

Things to look for as you read this week:
While Jesus considers natural descent and family important, what is still more important?
Shortly after being sold as a slave in Egypt, Joseph’s position worsens. Why?

Last week’s answers:
What’s the reaction of Abraham & Sarah to the news that God will give them a son? (They laugh – Gen 17:17, 18:12).
When Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, who carried the wood? (Isaac – Gen 22:6).
Laban tricks Jacob, the trickster. How? Switching his daughters – Gen 29:21-23).

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